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Date: September 4th 2023

Sat 09 September: GTI back at Hoopla. Summer “officially over,” says official.

L-R: Sally Hodgkiss, Dylan Emery, Phil Whelans, Mike Orton-Toliver.

Saturday September 09, 2023 @ 2000hrs at Hoopla...

The Miller,
96, Snowsfields Road,
London SE1 3SS Map

This coming Saturday sees GTI return excitedly to the stage after the summer break. How did you spend your summer? GTI went to stay with its relatives in the countryside. GTI climbed trees, swam in the lake, went for cycle rides, had picnics... and then, one day, GTI stumbled across a strange man burying something in a clearing. A parachute! GTI followed him to a run down, dilapidated hut in the woods, where he assembled a radio transmitter and began broadcasting...

...He was a podcaster. Hit "like" and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. GTI had him arrested.

Anyway, why not join GTI as we share a top night of impro with a Hoopla Teacher Show.

GTI will be...

Dylan Emery. Dylan is co-founder of Olivier Award-winning West End, Edinburgh Festival and Radio 4 Impro Hit, Showstopper, Ken Campbell-inspired hard-bardics masterclass, the School of Night and Grand Theft ImproHe has played the National Theatre, The Royal Court and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Sally Hodgkiss is an award-winning actor, writer and comedian. Her acting career has taken her to the Manchester Royal ExchangeSheffield CrucibleOctagon Theatre Bolton and HOME among others. She’s been in Eastenders and in James Veitch's Super Hyper Literal. She’s improvised with, among others, Whose Line is it Anyway? Live, The Comedy Store Players, Bumper Blyton and The Committee.

Michael Orton-Toliver is a TV comedy writer/producer both here and in the States. Here, he co-created and wrote the TV sitcom Borderline (Channel 5) and The Literary Adventures of Mr. Brown (BBC Radio 4.) He was co-director of the Free Association and formerly Head Corporate writer for the world-famous comedy troupe Boom Chicago, Amsterdam. Previously, Michael wrote for two seasons on Comedy Central News (NL), and he has written and performed in thousands of shows for Boom Chicago Amsterdam, Second City out of Chicago, and Ultimate Improv in Los Angeles.

Phil Whelans - writer and performer of his own Radio 4 sitcom, My First Planet, founder member of Pros from Dover - with whom he did two series of Radio 4's The Infinite Monkey Cage. Phil has worked with everyone from Joan Rivers to Basil Brush, Al Gore to Brian Conley, Robin Williams to Giles Brandreth. Phil has been in It's Kevin, Brasseye, Preston Front and a number of unsuccessful radio and TV impro pilots. He has improvised all over the world, is founder member of Spontaneous Combustion and Grand Theft Impro, has been in Showstopper: the Improvised Musical, Hamlet Improvised and Criminal.

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